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of google. we'll begin with brin. has there ever been a brand name like google? in less than five years, it went from an idea to a global verb, as in, "i googled this," or, "i google that," or, "i google you." back in 2006, shortly after the company went public, google opened its doors for the first time and let us google them. >> we have north america. >> oh, look at that. google cofounder sergey brin is showing us an electronic globe that displays the mountains of google searches happening around the world at any given moment. >> so every little dot represents a certain number of searches, but you can see that there are thousands of searches going on every second. >> looking at the googleplex, company headquarters in silicon valley, it's hard to imagine that just a few years ago the company basically consisted of the russian-born brin and cofounder larry page working in a converted garage. >> our boardroom table was also our ping-pong table, so it had the net and everything. >> inside the googleplex feels more like a college dorm than a corporate office: bikes in the hallways, dogs un
for the "new yorker" magazine talks about apple, facebook, amazon and google. >> as the world moves to smart phones and away from desktops and people access social networks like facebook on their mobile devices, will he will able to monetize it? will he be able to create ads? you can't do a display ad, take up the whole screen. you can't interrupt a phone call or an e-mail message. so what is the form of advertising that you will have for facebook that will allow them to generate income? that is a big question that looms out there. >> rose: also a conversation this evening that i moderated in early october between marc andreessen and sheryl sandberg, the chief operating officer of facebook. >> i think there's a bigger opportunity. i think -- i mean, one way of looking at the question is how do you go from desktop to mobile how do you adapt. i think there's a different question that i think about a lot. there are going to be opportunities in mobile that have never exted before and it will take time to diover what they are. but for the first time with smart phones we're going to have a compute
towards mobile technology, the enduring concerns about privacy and the competition with google. i am pleased to have ken auletta back at this table to talk about that before we show you an interview i did with sheryl sandberg and marc andreessen who's on the board of facebook. we begin with this question, though. where is facebook today after all the controversy about that i.p.o. >> they're in a very strong position. they've got over a billion users in the world. that -- two months ago it was 900 million users in the world. so they're growing. and they're not yet in china and other parts of asia. so they are in a nice growth trajectory. their revenues are rising. not as fast as some people would expect them to and there's real questions about that. as the world moves to smart phones and away from desktops and people access social networks like facebook on their mobile devices, will you be able to monetize it? will you be able to create ads? you can't do a display ad, take up the whole screen, you can't interrupt a phone call or e-mail message, so what is the form of advertising you w
. >> slowly coming lower here. meanwhile, microsoft is escalating its war with google. listen to this. >> can you spot the ads in the google shopping search results? it's easy. they're all ads. >> microsoft warning against getting what they call scroogled. is there a vaccine for that? we'll explain what it means. don't worry, you don't need to ask the kids to leave the room. we'll get that. >>> speaking of shopping, are luxury retailers like burberry seeing any impact on the looming fiscal cliff? we'll talk with the ceo later on "the closing bell." we're back in a minute. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-siz
want to listen carefully. a global battle is brewing between the likes of google and publishing companies who say they should be paid for extracts of newspaper articles displayed in results. parliament debates a new law that gives publishers a much stronger copyright protection on line. here is the story from berlin. >> when you type in newspaper into google, who should get paid? google, who looks at the land of the newspaper? or those to pay for the advertising space? that is the argument in germany. >> google is able to pay such an amount, or they are able to commute to the newspapers from a search engine. >> but as prince -- print migrates from paper to computer screens, google argues it puts more readers in touch with more newspapers. >> would bring to them every month for billion cliques at worldwide. -- 4 billion clinics worldwide. this is 100,000 clicks' per minute. this is opportunity for them to get in direct contact with the raiders, where they can sell advertising on their pages -- with speed readers, where they can sell advertising on their pages. >> the debate in ge
stayed at the scene. >> the federal trade commission gives a google an ultimatum. >> and research in motion hoping it still has some blackberrys fans out there somewhere. good morning. >> good morning. research in motion the company behind the blackberry want to make sure they are still in the game. the plan to showcase the first two of their new smartphones on january 30 at and start selling them in february. this after multiple product delays. still they need a hit to help it compete with the iphone and droids. and google is under pressure from the federal trade commission to resolve its probe in the next few days. google is worth noting has been in discussions with the ftc for about two weeks. and has not been any remedy proposals on the table. this with the ongoing problem whether or not google is abusing its dominant over the internet. some lawmakers think that getting rid of air traffic control towers as a way to help people quit issue in washington. and also we have starbucks ticking off the holiday season with a buy one get one deal. all of that coming up. live at bloomber
. the competition betwe app and google tells a new tale of modern map making. "newshour" correspondent spencer michels has our story. >> reporter: getting turn by turn directions from your mobile phone has become a part of life for many people who drive. that's lured more companies into the lucrative business of using digital maps because there's money to be made. until september almost all those phone maps were supped by google. buwhenpple introduced the new iphone 5, it replaced google maps with its own and learned quickly that map making is fraught with peril. immediately, users complained they got lost: some landmarks were out of place, directions were misleading. apple c.e.o. tim cook apologized, but still satirists had a field day with the misdirections. the stakes in the mapping game are high for apple and others since a lot of advertising revenue depends on knowing the location of the phone and promoting something nearby, a restaurant or a hotel, to the user. carolina milanesi, an analyst for gartner, a technology research firm, says apple wants to capitalize on that. >> apple needs to
: "beyond the scoreboard" tonight, google is a feared competito from its dominant poition innternesear to the android smart phone software. now, it's getting into the game of live professional sports video. here's rick horrow. >> reporter: google has agreed to pay the nba a figure in the low six digits to stream 350 development league games on youtube this season. the deal marks the most live games on youtube by a major professional sports league. the partnership between the nba and google's youtube is being touted as an "experiment" to see how many views and how much online ad revenue can be generated from the games. when it comes to online video, the nba is arguably the most progressive u.s. sports league, having launched a dedicated youtube channel back in 2005. but for as much of an experiment as this is for the nba, it's an equally intriguing test for google. live sports tend to be the primary reason consumers don't cut their cable cords and watch more shows on video online. if this nba/youtube experience is successful, it could signal the entry of a new player in sports media, go
of washington, apple, google and amazon. look, i'm as aggravated as you are about the lack of progress over the fiscal cliff. is there progress? is there no progress 123 are the democrats giving? have they given? the only thing given that i know is the tablet. that's what i want to spend a moment on while we bemoan is the farce that is washington. one of the worst aspects of this era where we have to hang on the word of every people who frankly aren't actually trying to make us any money, and if anything want to take it from us, is there are companies doing amazing things, soen in the interests of reminds us some companies are doing great things that can make you money, i want to celebrate the products of three terrific companies as well as their stocks, because after all this is "mad money," not mad tablets. first one of my favorses is the column that consequence taply amazes me, david pentagon, the "new york times" writer who opines brilliantly in a can't-miss column about tech products. i love this guy. today's product starts several enough, a segment of an npr-call-in seg meant that he
a and we have -- and we have all kinds of businesses. twitter, google, zynga, it is pretty incredible. what has happened. a lot of things going on. our budget, we have a mess, i inherited a budget deficit of $26 billion. we have cut that substantially. from the mortgage meltdown that occurred because of the bad decisions and this behavior throughout our economy, the revenue in california is up 23%. that is a big number. america, the asset values were destroyed, something like $7 trillion. a lot of that was a bubble. that was popped and resulted -- we have had to manage a difficult situation. even before the bubble popping, there was excess. because the money flows in in a regular amounts, when money is good, everybody feels good. when $14 billion came in, they thought they were king of the mountain and spend it. arnold came in to clean it up. a couple years later, he left town and $26 billion this year. this has been the nature for the last decade, kicking the can down the road. not talking straight. the way it is. the way it is, it is a tale of two cities. there is fabulous wealth and link
. >> was this directed at gmail? >> no. >> google's email? >> no. >> because everybody's talking about a gmail killer. >> it's certainly what everyone's writing about. >> google... >> yes. >> facebook and google. >> yes. >> are they on a collision course? >> they are indeed. >> the fight's over what? it's over how-- >> search. how people find, discovery, search. >> say you want to buy a car. you can type "prius" on google and get publicly available information. or you can type "prius" on facebook and get personal advice about it from your friends. are you trying to turn everything we do on the web into a social function? >> i think what we've found is that when you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about, they tend to be more engaging. i think that we're really gonna see this huge shift where a lot of industry is--and products are just gonna get remade to be social. >> so you're out here in silicon valley. can you feel a tectonic plates... >> yes. >> shifting over? >> well you can see the talent shift over... >> right. >> you know, there's been a big war about
. >> not getting it right. >> real fast, let me finish the point. charlie if you want to do a simple google check see the business leaders last week that called for hire-- >> fair and balanced and if you don't believe us, go check google. do a google check. >> and we've got to thank charlie and dagen. >> don't tell charlie to google anythin. >> guys, up next, are you ready for thanksgiving seconds? not talking turkey, i'm talking about stocks. the picks to be >> giving thanks for our gang's stock picks. >> i like am. tough market refuse to go down and consistent earnings. >> and bioteches and you like this one, ben? >> love it. great, great, great company. >> what stox do you like. >> get it on with ew. it is the best thing ever and
by a hungarian, ebay a frenchman, google a russian. tesla motors and spacex by a south african. the u.s. government itself has named vavek vadwad as one of the most outstanding americans. the actual title, outstanding american by choice. he was born in india. his res jooum long. harvard fellow, entrepreneur, but most remains at discussion is his book, "the immigrant exod exodus: why america is losing the global race to capture entrepreneurial talent." joined by john swartz of "usa today" and eric savitz of "forbes." when your book came out, you had a study that came out at the same time that said the largest drop in the percentage of immigrant entrepreneurs in silicon valley in a good long time. and you raised the alarm about that. why? >> because we had an influx of skilled immigrants in the '90s and early 2000s. on average people like me start companies 12, 13 years after arriving in the united states. we should have seen an explosion in immigrant entrepreneurship, yet it dropped. it went from 52% in silicon valley being immigrant founded down to 44%. >> percentagewise, that means t
phone. an investment in square, a good idea. what company will be the next big things? google once a start-up itself is betting big that it will help fund the future. here's how. google has long been one of the best investments. now the company famous for its search and its stock is ramping up its own search for the next great investment. >> it is a validation interto. >> reporter: he is the managing partner of google ventures. he is running the fund which totals $300 million a year. we found him at the annual founders and ceo event where people meet and share ideas. because, he says, good investments are all about people. >> it would have been a mistake to go out looking to invest in search engines. it would have gone great to go out and invest. it would have been a mistake to go invest in dating sites but it would have been a good idea to eninvestigate in chat who created youtube which was at first a dating site. >> google ventures has scored a couple hits. strong selling thermostat. and ride sharing company relay ride which lets you save money and help the environment by sharing
in this country. that will do it for "closing bell." follow me on twitter and google plus. "fast money" begins right now. >>> stocks clinging to hope that the fiscal cliff can be avoided. >> did i hear some dumb talk over the weekend about going over the fiscal cliff. let them go over the fiscal cliff. the deal is within reach. >> and not even america's favorite stock is immune. >> why are you buying apple here? >> it was overpriced at 536. >> there is one man you can always count on. >> big pop for "sky fall." the newest installment knocked them dead at the box office over the weekend and sold tickets. >> to help us find fast money special guest is in town. let's get to it. "fast money" starts right now. >>> live from the nasdaq market site i am melissa lee. here are the top three trades. the s&p 500 is close behind. should you be buying this dip? what some of the biggest hedgefund dealers are doing to make money. black friday is so yesterday. how retailers are trying to cash in and how you should be trading it right now. we have to get straight to america's most valuable company and that is
tries to board a plane with the makings of a bomb. >> possible fine google could face, millions of dollars, plus, is it enough to teach them a lesson? >> how do you feel? >> it's bad. >> this man reacts to developments in a strike taking his twinkie >>> some alert tsa officer as rested a man they suspected was ahax4f possible terrorist, carrying what they believed are components that could be used to make a bomb. it was also strange. >> that is what tsa officers were thinking. strange, and sus spishus. the more they discovered the more suspicious they became. at 8:00 last night jeffrey going through the check poin at southwest airlines head back to his home in rancho palos verdes, reportedly took off a watch, put knit the bin with his carry on. investigators say he covered witness a coat. and an alert officer didn't like what he saw. >> a watch had on it toggle switch. and a series of fuses. >> the sheriff sargeant says the tsa found no explosives the bomb squad determined it had ingredient to make a device for a bomb. and it's sizes too big. stuffed with insoles something the s
be forced to lay off thousands of workers. >> a consumer group has lost his fight to make google pay a stiff apparently. the ruling comes amid growing companies that web companies know too much of what we are doing. >> consumer watchdog went head to head with google and lost. >> these guys are finding way out of jack with pocketed change. >> they were trying to convince a judge to raise the fine that google is paying as part of a settlement in a privacy case. federal trade commission said they sidestepped in a safari web browser to prevent third parties advertisers from placing cookies that track you as you surf the internet. google says it did it by accident and will not admit wrongdoing. they were glad the court agreed there was no merit to the request. >> we have fundamental problems with the notion you can pay your money and deny you did anything wrong. >> inspied of the ruling, they hope it brings attention to track users on the web that is more common in the last few months. >> when you are using the internet you have a shadow of corporations following you around and taking note of eve
they didn't have at home. fast forward to tablets and smartphones you can shop anywhere, any time. a google trend expert offered this explanation through the company's uplink. >> you may have your smartphone with you while in the store able to comparison shop, make a decision to buy while there or order it online. >> reporter: google is calling it nonline shopping. professor of marketing agrees, there is less and less distinction teen online and instore shopping. >> combining pick up at the store with online ordering, bringing people from the store to the online store, online storefronts to brick and mortar stores. >> reporter: analysts predict shoppers will spend 1.5 billion dollars online today up 20% from last year, plenty to pique the interest of on like crooks. >> bad guys are creating fake e-tailer sites designed to get you to enter credit card information. >> reporter: to stay safe, shop with retailers you know and use a credit card instead of a debit card. from google take it easy in cyberspace. >> although some places may be offering a discount, there's a good chance they may exten
at home. fast forward to tablets and smartphones you can shop anywhere, any time. a google trend expert offered this explanation through the company's uplink. >> you may have your smartphone with you while in the store able to comparison shop, make a decision to buy while there or order it online. >> reporter: google is calling it nonline shopping. professor of marketing agrees, there is less and less distinction teen online and instore shopping. >> combining pick up at the store with online ordering, bringing people from the store to the online store, online storefronts to brick and mortar stores. >> reporter: analysts predict shoppers will spend 1.5 billion dollars online today up 20% from last year, plenty to pique the interest of on like crooks. >> bad guys are creating fake e-tailer sites designed to get you to enter credit card information. >> reporter: to stay safe, shop with retailers you know and use a credit card instead of a debit card. from google take it easy in cyberspace. >> although some places may be offering a discount, there's a good chance they may extend beyond that
're not innovating. you can't innovate without risk. >> do you think google is sufficient to focus solely on social and take as much of the emphasis off innovation is a good step or a bad step? >> look at android. >> fair enough. to refocus from some of the high priority innovations, sort of resource that's given to really allocate and say social is where we need to innovate and it has to be social. >> i think they are doing what a smart, large company would do when you say, okay, this is a major trend that will affect the internet. we should be playing with it, too. we are willing to take risks. we are just going to keep going at this until we get something. >> focusing the innovation. >> google is in beta. >> exactly. the phrase we use in the book is you're never a finished product. you always need to think, as a journalist what am i doing many the next year or two? we borrowed that because gmail which was a launched product that hundreds of millions of people were using was in the label beta for eight years. by the way, it's not finished yet. >> minimize expectations. >> mark zuckerberg said don
. >> and a judge's decision on a high-speed rail project. and the possible fine google ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. >> topping our news this half-hour, california's high-speed rail project will continue as scheduled at least for now. a judge has turned down an attempt by farmers to stop the project in the central valley where it is expected to break ground next summer. however, the legal fight is far from over, here's nannette miranda. >> the future of california's controversy 800-mile $68 billion high-speed rail project hinges on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by lawsuits, water districts and other opposing interests in the central valley. that's where the first segment is expecte
that the next big thing will help fund the futer. here's scott budman with more on google ventures. >> google has been one of the tech investments and now the company famous for its search and stock is ramping up their own search for the next great investments. >> it's a validation point. >> the managing partner of google venture, the investment arm that is running the fund that totals $300 million a year. we found him at the founder's and ceo event where people meet and share ideas. because he said good investments are all about people. >> it would have been a mistake to invest in search engines. it would have been great to inve invest in dating sides, but chat and steve who created you tube which was a dating site. >> google ventures has scored a couple of hits that make this is ultra hip thermostat and ride sharing company relay rides that lets you save money and help the environment by sharing your car with others. google ventures has bigger plans. find more good people with more good companies and yes, with even more money. >> the question that i get asked by google who is the lp providi
war? apple versus google up next. >>> plus, hewlett-packard and ahn to ah n -- autonomy. it's getting uglier. open letters, public insults, now a lawsuit. in a word, it is ugly. we will have details coming up. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from heartburn 2 or more days a week, why use temporary treatments when you can prevent the acid that's causing it with prevacid24hr. with one pill prevacid24hr works at the source to prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day and all night. and with new prevacid24hr perks, you can earn rewards from dinner deals to music downloads for purchasing prevacid24hr. prevent acid all day and all night for 24 hours with prevacid24hr. prevent acid all day and all night for 24 hours well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >>> let's get to jackie deangelis with a market flash. >> hey, mich
, that's the immediate downside. there's a bigger issue with google, for instance. everybody uses google to search and there's google plus. your online life can be built around google if you want, g mail, all these things. what happens and what google was trying to do this year was to sort of create and use all their different online products and your activity on them to create an online profile of you. to use what you search for and to use what's in the terms in your e-mails. if there's something with google plus, they can kind of create an idea that that is what your personality is. i think that the personality of people online, they assume there's a cloak there so people let parts of themselves sort of show online that they otherwise would. i think there's a story in the times last week about -- >> like what, steve? be specific. >> there's a couple ways to read that statement like anthony weiner would say. google auto complete. start asking a question about something. you find out what people -- you and about john boehner, you don't ask about the fiscal cliff or the tax plan. they ask
local food banks. >> business news now. fcc putting pressure on google and is kodak getting out of bankruptcy? after the b!mx cj% ftc turning up heat on google. bloomberg news learned ftc demanding google resolve an antitrust case against it within days or face a lawsuit. you might recall ftc has been a year and a half over whether the company uses dominance in the internet search to hurt competition two. sources tell us google has been talks for a couple weeks but not proposed any prem rem dis to alleged violations. kodak moving close twror getting out of bankruptcy arks ranging $793 million in financing from creditors that is8>)Ñ contingent on kodak sellg it's patent fort folo resolving the company's uk pension and other issues kodak says it's hoping to get out of bankruptcy next year. m sm tech angles to a resale story, best buy names sharon mccoll yum as its new chief financial officer, she helped develop e commerce business and best buy is hoping the improved online sails will help turn around this struggling kchl a dark cloud hanging over the new e. ceo of "new york times
. >>> google maps, expanding its reach. new information to give customers an edge when >>> welcome back. we'll expand our reach the entire state doppler is quiet high pressure taking over, temperature at 59 in eureka, 66 sacramento, 75 in l.a., 82 palm springs sierra will be making snow at night during the day mid 50s at lake tahoe, yosemite 52 saturday, 65 sunday, down to l.a., going to have a little fog tomorrow, look at this, low to mid 80s saturday and sunday mid 70s if you are going to san diego morning clouds, afternoon sun. safe travels. >>> [ unintelligible ] happen again. >> maybe we want him to take his time. >>kí we want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving. >> i was like what's up with that! >>> take care. >>> turning to a more serious topic, new study raises question are women being over treated for breast cancer? study finds mammograms have done surprisingly little to catch deadly breast cancers before they spread. more than one million women have been treated for cancers that would never threaten their lives. up to 1/3 researches say don't need to be treated. many doctors s
if you want to do a simple google check see the business leaders last week that called for hire-- >> fair and balanced and if you don't believe us, go check google. do a google check. >> and we've got to thank charlie and dagen. >> don't tell charlie to google anything. >> guys, up next, are you ready for thanksgiving seconds? not talking turkey, i'm talking about stocks. talking about stocks. the picks to be with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from th
at this. you want to do this before you head out making good deals. there are sites, web sites, google shopper, consumer has a good price checker. price to see how much it was 6 months ago verses today. >> your credit score could take a big hit. sign up save 15 percent. if you sign up for too many your credit score could dtake a hit here. the interest rates on these things is over 20 percent. another big thing they push is the extended warranty. we spend over a billion dollars over the holidays. >> is it worth it? >> no it's a money maker for retailers. consumer reports find generally speaking you don't not need the extended warranty. >> avoid that extended warranty. vera givens thank you. talk to you real soon. still ahead danger is lurking in your morning juice or fruits. we have warnings for you about grapefruit and popular medications all of this is now being expanded. we will explain. last year the decision to call it a holiday tree instead of a christmas tree started a real firestorm. what is the governor of that state doing? he's completely pulling the pl
like you're being watched? it could be google. find out how the internet giant is tracking your every move. and ever since t states legalize recreational use of pot, a rush is growing for this industry and our expert tells you how you can cash in. we are on the case ne i'm dominique dawes and there's a big advantage parents can give their kids -- making sure they get active at least 60 minutes each day. studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills, like concentration and problem solving, which can improve academic performance. this means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all -- life. gerri: attention taxpayers, you could be on the hook for another bailout. the federal housing administration posting a massive 18 billion-dollar deficit, prompting fears that the agency could require a taxpayer bailout for the first time in its history. for more, we have a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute and former fannie mae vice president. welcome back to the show. always great to have you her
news. we'll see if someone swoops in to buy them up. >>> google getting ready to take on apple's mapping system. >>> plus superstorm sandy and the fiscal cliff doing a number on the stock prices. for that and more we turn it over to seema mody for all of your business news. seema, good morning. >> reporter: everything you need. very good morning to you, guys. let's take a look at the markets first. futures lower after stocks continued their downward trend. the markets are now down 5% since election day. investors are measuring the risk of the economy going over the fiscal cliff and impact of hurricane sandy. reports shows manufacturing and economic activity fell in new york state as outages knocked out factories. in terms of how the markets ended yesterday, the dow fell 28 while the nasdaq lost about 10 points. in other news, the map app battle between apple and google is heating up. google is putting out the final touches on a new app that will work on apple phones. if it's accepted into itunes ill will compete with apple's new soft more. apple removed google maps as a standar
and google-plus. have a good night. "fast money" begins now. >>> tired of hearing about it yet? okay. let's rename it. let's call it the paper precipice. >> when we talk about a grand bargain, and a big deal that might happen here in washington, it seems clear that labor leaders won't get everything they want, neither will folks up on wall street or in the business community as well. >> whatever you call it, it's not helping the markets. and big companies like apple and microsoft aren't pulling their weight, either. >> there's a bomber squid and sinoski squid and hear the stock trading down. obviously when someone leaves it isn't necessarily a good sign. >> at least we've got some investors who are hopeful, or dil delusion delusional. >> part of the transformation of jcpenney, gone to launch the fastest growing specialty retail of all time, new jcp. >> it's a confusing market. let's make sense of it. "fast money" starts right now. >>> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square i'm melissa lee. here are top three trades. tech troubles, major stumble for microsoft as t
it in northwest stores. you can buy a half pound bag for $40. >>> google buying. two days after several outlets fell for a false pr release. this merger is for real. google snagging incentive targeting. google also the object of a little bit of teasing today. this add from microsoft makes fun of google saying shoppers would be better served if they use the microsoft engine to find products. microsoft using humor to get in there, as well. we'll see if it works. we'll have the holiday guide for you with the latest gadgets coming up later in the show. >>> there could be a link between a beer belly and the risk for osteoporosis. a study reveals men with bellies are more likely to be diagnosed with the condition. belly fat is already linked with many dangerous conditions. for men it is also linked to osteoporosis. the reason that access fat embedded deep in the abdomen weakens bones dramatically. >>> most american couches are toxic. they found flame retardant chemicals in more than 1/3 of sofas nationwide. at least two are known to cause cancer and neurological and reproductive damage. health advoca
search firm google shows online, surveillance is increasing with the u.s. far surpassing the rest of the world in requests for affirmation about users. more than a third of the nearly 21,000 requests for user data google received in the first half of 2012 came from the united states. in total during the six months, the u.s. submitted nearly 8000 requests that applied to more than 16,000 users or accounts. google complied at least partly with 90% of those requests. both requests for user information and requests by countries to remove online content have increased since 2009 when google began its reports. in a blog post about reports thursday, google wrote -- and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with nermeen shaikh. >> welcome to all our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. we begin the show in europe, where today, millions of workers have joined a general strike to protest spending cuts and tax hikes they say have deepened the region's economic crisis. spanish and p
is google. we use the wave principal model. google has a clear five-wave decline from the decline. that decline gives us two pieces of information. one, the larger trend from google is down. two, we are in the fifth wave of the decline. when it ends we'll have a good counter trend rebound in google. google supports around there. this is how we measure moves within the market. >> we'll leave it there. great to speak with you. >> steve mentioned part of the weakness could be apple. the stock is sinking into bear market territory. people might wonder why we talk about apple, why we are flagging the stock. it contributed a lot to the down side in nasdaq 100 and the s&p 500. take a look at the statistics we drummed uh. the drag that apple has put on these indices this corner. 47% of the nasdaq 100 loss is apple. 23% of the s&p loss is apple. that's why we talk about the stock. dr. j, apple. you don't have a position. why not? >> i don't have a position yet. it's getting very tempting here. because this area right around 520 to 540 for me is a key level for apple. that basically takes u
around lunch. electronics are leading the way. the top five google shopping queries in the u.s. include laptop, nexus 7, amazon, ebay and walmart come in at number nine and ten. two searches spiked over the last 24 hours. "assassins creed 3." and it's o only going to go up from here. scott? >> thanks so much. what do you make of the fact we can throw up a number of different retailers today and you're going to see retailers are getting killed. >> all of those online shopping figures are as a result of people shopping for discounts online. they're not benefitting the stores, cyber monday's actually not a real thing because they had the discounts up online on thursday night and friday morning. the whole sector that's the s&p retail, that's locked in the down trend since the first week of september. and quite frankly, it's just not a positive thing. i don't know why anyone would want to speculate in this group as a whole. you've got to be really specific if you want to play retail. >> you were specific last week on tjx. >> i was, and got out of half the position today. the stock should be
information from somebody in san quinten which is completely false. i invite you all to google jeremy [speaker not understood] human trafficking and also please write down and google this. michael aquino, kevin cohen. i'll give you some information in a dvd. the most important thing is [speaker not understood]. and we have people here calling and complaining upon you. no, you're not the problem. and you're not the answer. you need to maybe do a few more things, but the answer is with the people that are complaining. they're the ones that are allowing the misery of the animals and as far as the gentleman before me, the plagues are already here and so are the storms. so, i invoke in your heart a greater love to come forward and step forward and [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much, sir. thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker. >>> supervisors and the public, my name is doug malar, public investigator of crimes against children covered up by law enforcement. i'm addressing the issue of domestic violence which we all are for, but also the fac
! [applause] >> this is one example. facebook, google plus, instagram. we have all these wires in having people talk to us. what would they want and establish it, what kind of events that will help us be even more philanthropic about this. san francisco, santa clara, san jose, we want that effort to insight people to take this opportunity to join our nfl, join our 49ers, to join all of our sports crazy efforts and education efforts and all the things that we really reflect success in the san francisco bay area to join us in promoting this event and making sure that when we are ready to submit our bid to the nfl in may of next year that we will have created a community-based bay area wide effort to reflect on this wonderful opportunity. right now it is only an invitation but we will show this allows us to create the most collaborative efforts with segments of business education, bay area, the different mayors coming together, bringing us all together on this incredible opportunity. i have always thought that sports is an inspiration. i'm a big fan of 9ers, i know they will have an opportu
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